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The Space Your Business Needs

Quality office space in the heart of Glasgow City Centre 

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Reason to Choose us?

Our current clients can think of loads, really.  However we've narrowed it down to three pretty important points.

Prime Locations

All our buildings are in the heart of Glasgow and couldn't be better located.

Affordable Rents

Most of our buildings offer all-inclusive rates, making the cost clear and controllable.

Adaptable Spaces

Imagine the perfect working space for you and your team.  Now get in touch, because we can make it happen.

Small Business? You may qualify for rate relief.

If you’re a small business owner then you might be eligible for business rates relief through the government’s Small Business Rates Relief scheme (SBRR).

This relief cuts the amount of business rates you have to pay, lowering your overheads and freeing up cash for investing in growth. In some cases you are exempt from paying anything.


Standard Real Estate Ltd has developed a first class reputation for redevelopment of property assets to provide excellent office, industrial and retail accommodation. If you are seeking quality accommodation for your business in Scotland let us know your requirements and let us help to find you the accommodation that will take your business to the next level.